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Fit Girl


Online Coaching provides an opportunity in-person or virtual personal training doesn't... the opportunity to be coached beyond your training sessions. Online coaching with AC is a complete experience, gaining knowledge in nutrition, following a program designed for your goals, self care, and weekly accountability/coaching calls. This is a complete transformation journey, not just spending an hour 3 times per week in a training session. This journey is about you, but with Online Coaching, you're never alone. You'll have access to your coach anytime during business hours, even after training is complete. Click here or text AC directly at 469-428-2133 to schedule your consultation call today!

Healthy Food


Nutrition is equally as important as strength training, maybe even more important. Nutrition is more than just eating healthy, and seems hard for most of us simply because we over complicate it. It's more about portion control and understanding what to eat to achieve your particular goal. Nutrition isn't about eliminating your favorite foods, rather adjusting how you eat them around healthier food options. Nutrition is about you. Make it fun and enjoyable. AC helps take out the guess work by providing you with the knowledge you'll need to create delicious meals that are goal driven. While strength training is the best way to lose fat and build muscle, proper nutrition is what will get you the results you desire. Meal prep coming soon! Click here for more information.

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